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I am at a crossroad and I don’t know which way to go. Am I happy on this road? Happy enough to stay on it and go straight? I’m not really unhappy. I’m in a funk…but I think that might be all me. I mean it’s all in my head, it’s not being created by the actions of anyone else. I can go left…the curiosity is almost more than I can bear. Can I go straight without always wondering what was to the right? And if I don’t stay straight, and I don’t like it can I make a U-turn and come back to where I am? I don’t think so. The road ahead is not paved, it is just a beaten path that I can change if I want too. Right?


It is never too late to become who you always wanted to be…

List of jobs I have had in my life to date: (as close to chronologically as I can recall)

1. Buttrey Food & Drug

2. Subway, MT (one of the first jobs I had and I worked at several locations over a period of several years in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota, from sandwich artist to management to field consultant)

3. a family owned restaurant, can’t remember the name

4. Boxcars Restaurant

5. Herbergers

6. Subway, ND

7. Subway, ND (different city than above)

8. The Wicker Basket

9. Sunshine Foods

10. Subway, SD

11. Subway, MN

12. Electrolysis Technician

13. Bowling Alley Waitress

14. SPS Payment Systems

15. Jackpot Gamblin’

16. Pizza Hut

17.  Food 2 U

18. Subway, SD (different city than above)

19. Subway, MN

20. home daycare provider

21. Farmers Insurance

22. Kids Co.

23. Ridgewater College Daycare

24. Bankoe Systems

25. Lions Tap

26. Hollywood Bar & Grill

27. Caribou Coffee

28. HMS Host – MSP Airport

29. Subway, MN

30. Potbelly Sandwichworks

31. Taco Bell

32. Menards

33. Rockets

34. Yost & Baill, LLP

35. The Rule of Law

36. Crossroads Mediation & Dispute Resolution

I am 37 years old.

Why do I feel l…

Why do I feel like I am waiting for something to happen? No matter what job I have, or where I move, it is never enough. I get bored…restless. I know I am destined for something amazing. What is it? And how long do I have to wait for it?

My Memory

Images and memories get filed away in our brains in a certain way. For me, for example, events in my life are divided by several different events that have effected my life.  My daughter asks, “Mom, when did we go to Chicago for that….blah, blah, blah?” And I think back, “Was that before my dad died?” It helps me to locate the memory in the file cabinets of my brain. My dad died just before my 28th birthday, so anything post 28 years old is after my dad died.  I have so many events, both triumphant and tragic that have attached themselves to the way I remember or recall my life. My daughter was born when I was 15 and just finishing my freshman year of high school. So I recall events from high school by storing them before she was born or after. (She is now 22 and the most amazing, beautiful woman I know.) Before or after my son was born? Before or after The Divorce? Before or after The Move? I do not remember things by date or my age; but by the most memorable events that have altered my life, and changed me, bettered me, or hurt me the most.

Weekly Photo Challenge Windows

From Inside Hoover Dam

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