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It is never too late to become who you always wanted to be…

List of jobs I have had in my life to date: (as close to chronologically as I can recall)

1. Buttrey Food & Drug

2. Subway, MT (one of the first jobs I had and I worked at several locations over a period of several years in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota, from sandwich artist to management to field consultant)

3. a family owned restaurant, can’t remember the name

4. Boxcars Restaurant

5. Herbergers

6. Subway, ND

7. Subway, ND (different city than above)

8. The Wicker Basket

9. Sunshine Foods

10. Subway, SD

11. Subway, MN

12. Electrolysis Technician

13. Bowling Alley Waitress

14. SPS Payment Systems

15. Jackpot Gamblin’

16. Pizza Hut

17.  Food 2 U

18. Subway, SD (different city than above)

19. Subway, MN

20. home daycare provider

21. Farmers Insurance

22. Kids Co.

23. Ridgewater College Daycare

24. Bankoe Systems

25. Lions Tap

26. Hollywood Bar & Grill

27. Caribou Coffee

28. HMS Host – MSP Airport

29. Subway, MN

30. Potbelly Sandwichworks

31. Taco Bell

32. Menards

33. Rockets

34. Yost & Baill, LLP

35. The Rule of Law

36. Crossroads Mediation & Dispute Resolution

I am 37 years old.


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2 thoughts on “It is never too late to become who you always wanted to be…

  1. Author, artist, mother, daughter, sister, friend…describe me, too.

    I left a present for you: http://robinhawke.wordpress.com/2011/12/06/take-the-legs-off-flies-blog-awards-and-writing/

    Feel free not to accept, Robin

    • Robin, Thank you so much! I am trying to accept the gift/award by following the directions…
      I am very new to WordPress…have not gotten it all figured out yet. (how to post a link, etc)
      I will spend some time exploring soon and figure it all out! Thank you for reading and following.
      Writing for other eyes is new for me also…I am enjoying it. Love your posts, they inspire me to keep writing.

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